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Welcome to the Factory Software Blog Trac Site

This site and its companion Subversion site provide support and a repository for my blog.

This Trac site is read-only because I don't have time to deal with wiki-spam and such.


Projects and General Information

Unless otherwise noted, all PCB projects are covered by my PCB license (under Repository Guide) Unless otherwise noted, all software projects are covered by my software license (under Repository Guide)

All information is correct to the best of my knowledge, but it's very possible my knowledge is limited (especially on out of production equipment without datasheets) or I've made a typo.

Tutorial Projects

CANOpen Adapter Boards

Automation Resources

Product lists and other resource that might be useful, from my viewpoint as an automation designer. The lists are based on what I've come across, so use them as a starting point.

Embedded Ecosystems and Resources (Including Maker and Hobbyist Links)

My information on the mostly Open Source embedded (or Maker) ecosystems such as Arduino, BeagleBone, LaunchPad / BoosterPack, mbed, Gadgeteer, Grove, TinkerKit, and Pmod.

Motor, Drive, and Controller Information and Notes

Servo Motors

Stepper Motors

AC Motors

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

Automation Hardware

Equipment Cables

My Standard Cabling

Since I have so many different motors and drives, I have decided to wire them all to some common standards, so I can plug any motor into any appropriate drive. I will standardize some of the I/O such as limit sensors, but probably not all; for example, analog I/O might be hard to standardize.

Automation Resources (Beta)

Embedded Development Resources

Repository Guide

Archived Pages

More on Trac

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