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     1== Standard Servo Power Connector == 
     3I thought about using ComboD connectors, but the cost would be too much (~$10-$20 per motor with metal hood).  After much research, I've settled on using TE's Universal Mate-N-Lok connectors.  They are extremely affordable (especially if you buy the cut-tape contacts from Digikey), can handle up to 19A, are easy to crimp, come with locking tabs, and are readily available.  They are really ugly, but I beautify them by chopping off the super-ugly bits. 
     5== Pin-out == 
     6||1||Motor Phase U|| 
     7||2||Motor Phase V|| 
     8||3||Motor Phase W|| 
     9||4||Motor Frame Ground|| 
     11Not all motors have a frame ground, so sometimes it's not connected. 
     13Brush motors use pins 1 and 2, and 4 if there is a frame ground. 
     15I always define positive movement to be clockwise when you are facing the motor.  
     17== Genders and Part Numbers == 
     18'''IMPORTANT NOTE:''' Universal Mate-N-Lok pins are available with tin or gold finishes. '''You should not mix the finishes;''' use only gold or only tin on all your contacts. Tin is cheaper and works fine in most cases.  
     20== Pictures == 
     22== Other Power Connectors == 
     23My favorite is the ComboD: 
     24 * Some models from Positronics can handle 100A 
     25 * You can choose solder or crimp pins 
     26 * You can choose from a wide variety of plastic and metal backshells 
     27 * They are available from many different manufacturers 
     28I was also very impressed by the Molex Micro-Fit Sr, which can handle up to 50A.  On the other hand, the pin remover is really expensive (>$70), I don't need 50A, and they're a lot more expensive than my chosen UMNL connectors.