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     1= Schneider (Telemecanique) Altivar ATV31H037M2 Notes = 
     3Most of these notes should apply to other ATV31 models. 
     5== Power Setup == 
     6The ATV31H037M2 needs single or three phase 240VAC power.  I only have 120V single phase power, so here's my setup: 
     7 * 2000 V-A step-up transformer (120V->240V) from Excess Solutions ($25) 
     8 * Delta Electronics power inlet with IEC inlet connector, 6.3A fuse, ON/OFF switch, and quick connect output. 
     9 * Connections: 
     10||'''ATV31'''||'''Delta power inlet'''|| 
     13||Earth Ground||Earth Ground|| 
     14 * On my current setup, the ATV31 Earth is connected to Earth on a Logosol power supply, since the 2KVA transformer has a two wire plug (with no earth ground). 
     16== Motor Setup - Siemens 1LA5053-4AB10 == 
     17My connections for this Siemens motor 
     18||'''ATV31'''||'''Siemens Wire Color'''|| 
     24== Setup for Jogging == 
     25The ATV31H037M2 does not provide any jogging capability from the front panel, however, you can easily wire the I/O to provide jog functionality. 
     27Here is one setup I did, using parts I had on hand: 
     30 * Activating L1 causes forward motion 
     31 * Activating L2 causes backward motion 
     32 * Activating L3 causes the motor to slow down until it reaches speed SP2 
     33 * Activating L4 causes the motor to speed up until it reaches speed SP3 
     35== RJ45 Communications Pinout == 
     36Pins 1,2,3 are used for CANOpen[[BR]] 
     37Pins 4,5 are used for Modbus[[BR]] 
     38Pins 7,8 provide power for the remote user interface 
     47||8||Signal GND|| 
     49== CANOpen Setup == 
     51=== Connector Notes === 
     52 * You cannot use a standard RJ45 cable straight from the ATV31 to a standard RJ45 CANOpen system because CANOpen uses pin 7 for ground (normally tied to pin 3) and pin 8 for CAN_V+.  So doing a direct connection shorts out the ATV31, but does not create any lasting damage. 
     53 * Schneider sells an expensive CANOpen break-out board. 
     54 * You can also design your own break out board, or create your own custom cable that only connects wires 1->3. 
     55   * If you're daisy chaining RJ45's, the single RJ45 connector is also a pain.  My solution was to take standard RJ45 cable, chop off one end, then connect wires 1,2,3 to a toolless RJ45 plug.  Then I used a RJ45 coupler connected to a RJ45 duplex adapter to give me three RJ45 connections (one cable from the ATV31, one incoming cable, one outgoing cable). 
     59== Notes For Later == 
     60When I get time, I'll expand on these items: 
     61 * More pictures of my setup 
     62 * Parameters used for motor, CANOpen 
     63 * Use analog input for manual control?  Other useful parameters?  Other useful setups? 
     64 * Use CANOpen to setup the drive parameters