Schneider (Telemecanique) Altivar ATV31H037M2 Notes

Most of these notes should apply to other ATV31 models.

Power Setup

The ATV31H037M2 needs single or three phase 240VAC power. I only have 120V single phase power, so here's my setup:

  • 2000 V-A step-up transformer (120V->240V) from Excess Solutions ($25)
  • Delta Electronics power inlet with IEC inlet connector, 6.3A fuse, ON/OFF switch, and quick connect output.
  • Connections:
ATV31Delta power inlet
Earth GroundEarth Ground
  • On my current setup, the ATV31 Earth is connected to Earth on a Logosol power supply, since the 2KVA transformer has a two wire plug (with no earth ground).

Motor Setup - Siemens 1LA5053-4AB10

My connections for this Siemens motor

ATV31Siemens Wire Color

Setup for Jogging

The ATV31H037M2 does not provide any jogging capability from the front panel, however, you can easily wire the I/O to provide jog functionality.

Here is one setup I did, using parts I had on hand:


  • Activating L1 causes forward motion
  • Activating L2 causes backward motion
  • Activating L3 causes the motor to slow down until it reaches speed SP2
  • Activating L4 causes the motor to speed up until it reaches speed SP3

RJ45 Communications Pinout

Pins 1,2,3 are used for CANOpen
Pins 4,5 are used for Modbus
Pins 7,8 provide power for the remote user interface

8Signal GND

CANOpen Setup

Connector Notes

  • You cannot use a standard RJ45 cable straight from the ATV31 to a standard RJ45 CANOpen system because CANOpen uses pin 7 for ground (normally tied to pin 3) and pin 8 for CAN_V+. So doing a direct connection shorts out the ATV31, but does not create any lasting damage.
  • Schneider sells an expensive CANOpen break-out board.
  • You can also design your own break out board, or create your own custom cable that only connects wires 1->3.
    • If you're daisy chaining RJ45's, the single RJ45 connector is also a pain. My solution was to take standard RJ45 cable, chop off one end, then connect wires 1,2,3 to a toolless RJ45 plug. Then I used a RJ45 coupler connected to a RJ45 duplex adapter to give me three RJ45 connections (one cable from the ATV31, one incoming cable, one outgoing cable).

Notes For Later

When I get time, I'll expand on these items:

  • More pictures of my setup
  • Parameters used for motor, CANOpen
  • Use analog input for manual control? Other useful parameters? Other useful setups?
  • Use CANOpen to setup the drive parameters
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