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     1= Parker Compumotor CM232BE-00480B (custom SM232BE) NEMA23 Brushless Servo Motor = 
     4The CM232BE-00480B is a customized version of the Compumotor SM232BE.  [ Click here for a discussion of Parker's custom servo motors].  The first part (CM232BE) specifies the basic motor type, field winding, and feedback.  The second part is a sequential number.  I suspect that the connector was customized for this motor; I've replaced them with my standard connectors. 
     6So the CM232BE is a triple stack NEMA23 flange [ SM series servo motor] with B winding and 4000 quadrature count/rev encoder feedback.  The SM series have slotless stator design that eliminates detent torque.  It's much smoother than my [ MDM5000]. 
     8I could not find a datasheet for the 77822-073, but I think it's similar to the [ Renco RM15]; the wire colors match up pretty well. 
     10== Motor Specifications for SM232BE == 
     12||'''Poles'''||4|| || 
     13||'''Torque at Rated Speed'''||86||oz-in|| 
     14||'''Cont Stall Torque'''||111||oz-in|| 
     15||'''Peak Torque'''||334||oz-in|| 
     16||'''Rated Speed'''||7500||RPM|| 
     17||'''Rated Power'''||477||W|| 
     18||'''Current at Rated Speed (sinusoidal)'''||4.5||A|| 
     19||'''Current at Rated Speed (trapezoidal)'''||3.9||A|| 
     20||'''Cont Stall Current (sinusoidal)'''||5.4||A|| 
     21||'''Cont Stall Current (trapezoidal)'''||4.7||A|| 
     22||'''Peak Current (sinusoidal)'''||16.1||A|| 
     23||'''Peak Current (trapezoidal)'''||14.0||A|| 
     24||'''Motor Inertia'''||0.0131||oz-in-sec-sec|| 
     26||'''Torque Constant (sinusoidal)'''||20.72||oz-in/Apeak|| 
     27||'''Torque Constant (trapezoidal)'''||23.93||oz-in/A DC|| 
     28||'''Ke Voltage Constant'''||17.70||V/KRPM|| 
     29||'''Maximum Bus Voltage'''||170||V|| 
     30||'''Winding Resistance'''||2.00||Ohm|| 
     31||'''Winding Inductance'''||0.78||mH|| 
     34== Motor Connections == 
     36=== Power === 
     37||'''Phase'''||'''Wire Color'''|| 
     41||Case Ground||!Green/Yellow|| 
     43=== Hall Sensor === 
     44The motor has three hall sensors built into its body. 
     45||'''Phase'''||'''Wire Color'''|| 
     52=== Encoder === 
     54My standard is positive is when the motor, when viewed from the front, is turning clockwise. (My A+/A- connections are flipped when compared to the SM232BE standard).  
     56||'''Signal'''||'''Wire Color'''|| 
     58||+5VDC ||Red|| 
     59||A+    ||Yellow|| 
     60||A-    ||White|| 
     61||B+    ||Green|| 
     62||B-    ||Blue||