Pacific Scientific N31HRHJ-LNK-NS-00 (N31 Series) NEMA34 Stepper Motor

I have found the Kollmorgen Stepper Solutions catalog which has full information on the N series stepper motors.

So the PacSci (now owned by Danaher) N31HRHJ-LNK-NS-00 part number decodes to:

  • N=Standard construction stepper motor, N series
  • 3=NEMA34 frame
  • 1=Single stack length
  • H=Heavy duty NEMA mounting
  • R=Regular construction, leadwire (flying lead) connection
  • H=4 lead parallel connection
  • J=Standard winding type
  • L=Laminated rotor
  • N=Single shaft
  • K=Straight key shaft
  • NS=No feedback
  • 00=Standard motor with shaft seal

NI (National Instruments) lists it for sale for $319.


The Kollmorgen Stepper Solutions catalog provides specifications, phase sequence information, and dimensions. I also found specifications on NI's web site here. Here is my summary:

Step Size200Steps per revolution
Max Holding Torque645oz-in
Rated Current5.5Amps per Phase
Rotor Inertia0.0202oz-in-sec-sec
Phase Inductance3.5mH
Phase Resistance0.42Ohm
Detent Torque18.0oz-in
Thermal Resistance2.65Deg C per watt
Max Speed3000RPM
Rated Voltage35V
Rated Power90W

Torque Curve


PhaseWire Color

Connecting to a Copley Stepnet

Connecting it to a Copley Stepnet is quite easy (no encoder or hall sensors to worry about).

N31 SignalN31 Wire ColorStepnet ConnectorStepnet PinStepnet Signal
Frame GroundGreen/YellowJ21Frame Ground
B- Yellow J22B-
B+ Red J23B+
A- Orange J24A-
A+ Black J25A+
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