Factory and Industrial Automation Related Open Source Projects

This list is not comprehensive (I don't have time for that), but I will add to it when I come across interesting projects.

Umbrella Projects

  • Beremiz Project -- an Open Source framework for automation; uses the CANFestival, PLCOpen Editor, MatPLC, and SVGUI open source projects.
  • EtherLab -- An Open Source Toolkit for rapid real time code generation under Linux® using Simulink/RTW® - and EtherCAT®-Technology. Sub-projects include EtherCAT master, EtherLab?/RTW, Testmanager, and DataLoggingServices.


System Controller (PAC/PLC)

  • MatPLC -- PLC run-time software for Linux (replaces LinuxPLC)
  • PLCOpen Editor -- Graphical Editor for all 5 IEC-61131 PLC languages, uses PLCOpen TC6-XML schemas.

Machine Vision

  • Camellia -- Image Processing and Computer Vision Library
  • OpenCV -- > 500 Real timer computer vision algorithms.


  • LinuxCNC -- Enhanced Machine Controller, a stepper or servo controller running on real time Linux with support for G-code.

Linux (Real Time or Automation)

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