Microcontrollers with large amounts of RAM

NOTE: since there are now so many MCUs with >=96K SRAM, there is now way I can keep this page up to date. However, I'm leaving it in its current state. PS: this truly is a wonderful time for MCUs. There are so many new MCUs with 192K->264K SRAM (TI Tiva TM4C129x, ST STM32F4xx, NXP LPC43xx, etc), the PIC32MZ with 512K SRAM and 2M flash, the Freescale Vybrid with 1.5M SRAM, and some new Renesas models with 10M RAM).

I've collected links to a number of interesting MCUs and DSPs with large amounts of internal RAM.

I haven't had time to keep up, but there have been a number of new introductions, mostly from the same companies (e.g. more products in TI's OMAP L1xx and 320C74x families). The SH7262x MCUs still aren't available. The MPC5668 currently isn't available due to a patent dispute.

The number MCUs with large amounts of flash and 96K->128K SRAM is increasing, too. Some examples:

  • Atmel AT32UC3A3256 (128K SRAM, 256K flash, high speed USB 2.0, external bus, LQFP-144, ~$8 in 100's)
  • Atmel AT91SAM7X512 has 128K SRAM and 512K flash.
  • TI LM3S9B95 (96K SRAM, 256K flash, full speed USB 2.0, external bus, Ethernet MAC+PHY+IEEE-1588, QEI, PWM, ADC, CAN, LQFP-100, ~$11 in 100's)
  • ST STR9 series (96K SRAM, up to 2M flash)
  • ST STM32 Performance line now has models with 96K SRAM and 768K or 1024K flash.
  • Microchip PIC32MX family has models with 128K SRAM and 512K flash.
  • Renesas SH7216 family has models with 96K SRAM / 768K flash and 128K SRAM and 1024K flash. Current availability appears to be poor, and prices high (~$40). Other features include FPU, 200 MHz clock, Ethernet MAC, USB, and CAN.
  • NXP LPC2468/2478 have 98K total SRAM (but it's split up with 64K main, 16K Ethernet, 16K DMA, 2K battery backed) and 512K flash.
  • NPX LPC29xx series have up to 768K SRAM and 120K SRAM (split into 48K main, 8K E-TM, 32K I-TCM, and 32K D-TCM)
  • Renesas claims that sometime they will have RX600 MCUs with 256K SRAM and 4M flash. I'll believe it when they're available.

Selected Large RAM MCUs and DSPs (>128K SRAM)

ManufacturerModelCoreClock RateFPURAMFlashBoot from SPIEthernetUSBCANPackagePinsBudgetary PriceDK/Mouser PriceLink
Renesas R5S72621W144FPU 1 SH2A-FPU144MHzYes1088K 0 ? 0 1 USB 2.0 HS 2 PLQP176? ? SH7262x Specs
TI TMS320C28343 1 28xx 200MHzYes260K 0 Yes0 0 2 BGA 179$16.25 (100u) F28343
TI TMS320C28346 1 28xx 300MHzYes516K 0 Yes0 0 2 BGA 256$23.65 (100u) F28346
TI TMS320C6745 1 C674x 300MHzYes320K 0 Yes10/100Mb MAC 1 USB 2.0 FS 0 TQFP176$12.55 (100u) $16.96 (100u)C6745
TI TMS320C6747 1 C674x 300MHzYes448K 0 Yes10/100Mb MAC 1 2.0HS, 1 1.10 BGA 256$14.10 (100u) $19.50 (100u)C6747
Atmel AT91FR40162SB 1 ARM7 75MHz No 256K 2048K ? 0 0 0 BGA 121 $26.02 (1u) AT91FR40162SB
Atmel AT91SAM9261 1 ARM9 190MHzNo 160K 0 Yes0 FS:1 Host, 1 Dev0BGA 217 $15.84 (100u)AT91SAM9261
Freescale MPC5668G 2 PPC-e200128MHzNo 592K 2048K ? 10/100Mb MAC 0 6 BGA 208? ? MPC5668G
Analog DevicesADSP-21469 1 SHARC 450MHzYes640K 0 Yes0 0 0 BGA 324$31.50(1000u) ? ADSP-21469


  1. Typical MCU RAM is <=64K, although an increasing number have 96K or 128K SRAM.
  2. There are a number of expensive DSPs from ADI, TI, and Freescale and such that also have large RAM memories, but their price is stratospheric (the most interesting being the Freescale MSC8156 which has 6 1GHz DSP cores, and 4M bytes RAM (6 cores x 512K each + 1M common), all for $192 each in 10K units). Some of TI's 320C64xx DSPs have 1M or more RAM, but they cost > $100.
  3. My guess is that the MPC5668G will be >$50 in 100's.
  4. Looks like SH7262x sample pricing is around $17; typically SH series US availability is poor
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