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     1= MCG IB23000-E1 NEMA23 Brushless Servo Motor = 
     5The MCG IB23000-E1 is a single stack NEMA 23 brushless servo motor with a Renco 77822-033 encoder.  MCG is now part of Ametek.  Renco is now part of Heidenhain. 
     7By the way, if you need an alternative to the MCG IB23000 series, contact Lew Cresci at [ Cymatix] since they are making compatible motors.  (Disclaimer: I haven't seen or tried any of their IB2300x equivalent motors).  Torque Systems has a [ PDF flyer] advertising MCG replacements. 
     9I found a [ IB23000 datashet here]; it does not mention the -E1 version, but does provide the basic motor specifications.  I found another datasheet on the IB series (including the IB2300) [ here]; it includes torque/speed curves and wire colors for the motor and hall sensors. 
     11I could not find a datasheet for the 77822-033, but I think it's similar to the [ Renco RM15]; the wire colors match up pretty well. 
     13The motor pictured above does have defective hall sensors, but still works fine in sinusoidal mode. 
     15== Motor Specifications == 
     16=== Mechanical Specifications === 
     18||'''Max Cont Stall Torque'''||50.1||oz-in|| 
     19||'''Peak Stall Torque'''||150.6||oz-in|| 
     20||'''Rated Power'''||179||W|| 
     21||'''Max Cont Rated Torque'''||40.5||oz-in|| 
     22||'''Peak Rated Torque'''||81.0||oz-in|| 
     23||'''Motor Inertia'''||0.0019||oz-in-sec-sec|| 
     25=== Winding Constants === 
     27||'''Max Terminal Voltage'''||170||170||V|| 
     28||'''Current at Cont Stall Torque'''||3.01||4.25||A|| 
     29||'''Current at Peak Torque'''||12.75||12.75||A|| 
     30||'''Torque Constant'''||11.2||15.2||oz-in/A|| 
     31||'''No Load Speed'''||6000||6000||RPM|| 
     32||'''BEMF Constant'''||8.34||11.20||V/KRPM|| 
     33||'''Terminal Resistance'''||2.09||2.09||Ohm|| 
     34||'''Terminal Inductance'''||1.6||1.6||mH|| 
     37== Motor Connections == 
     39=== Power === 
     40||'''Phase'''||'''Wire Color'''|| 
     45=== Hall Sensor === 
     46The motor has three hall sensors built into its body. 
     47||'''Phase'''||'''Wire Color'''|| 
     54=== Encoder === 
     56My standard is positive is when the motor, when viewed from the front, is turning clockwise. (My B+/B- connections are flipped when compared to the Renco RM15 wire colors).  
     58The encoder has 1000 lines per revolution or 4000 quadrature counts per revolution. 
     60||'''Signal'''||'''Wire Color'''|| 
     62||+5VDC ||Red|| 
     63||A+    ||White|| 
     64||A-    ||Yellow|| 
     65||B+    ||Blue|| 
     66||B-    ||Green||