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Preprogrammed MAC ID Chips

Ethernet MACs need unique 48-bit addresses. One way is to buy them from the IEEE (last I heard, cost was something like $550 for 4096 MAC addresses). The IEEE doesn't like people reselling just the IDs, but it's OK if the IDs are pre-programmed onto a chip. I've come across two companies that make such chips:

  • Maxim. The DS2502-E48 is a 1-wire chip with EUI-48 48-bit MAC address and 768 bits of OTP EPROM memory. Pricing is $2.69 (1u), $1.74 (100u), and $1.30 (1000u).
  • Microchip. Microchip has a new family of seial EEPROMs with a pre-programmed EUI-48 MAC address and 256 bytes of EEPROM. The 11AA02E48 has a UNI/O interface, the 24AA02E48 has a I2C interface, and the 25AA02E48 has a SPI interface. Pricing appears to be much cheaper than the DS2502-E48; Microchip lists 24AA02E48 pricing at $0.26 (1u) to $0.23 (1000u).