Industrial Ethernet Notes

This page is a collection of stuff I have found interesting in the Industrial (or Factory) Ethernet space.

My interest includes both higher level protocols (such as Modbus/TCP), real time protocols (such as Ethernet PowerLink and EtherCAT), and hardware to make Ethernet more real time (the deterministic Ethernet efforts).

Hardware Support For Industrial Ethernet Protocols

  • Fast 2/3-port switches
    • Micrel (now Microchip) offers some fast 2/3-port switches with 2 PHYs such as the KSZ8893 and KSZ8842
    • Innovasic has a programmable 2-port 10/100/100M switch, the fido5000 with support for Ethernet/IP, Ethernet PowerLink, Modbus/TCP, EtherCAT, SERCOS, and Profinet/Profinet IRT.
      • Switch only; external PHY's required.
      • Connects to CPU using 16/32-bit data bus
  • Multi-protocol controllers
    • FPGA's, of course, are a natural match for industrial Ethernet.
      • Open PowerLink includes FPGA implementations for host, client, and hub. When I find my notes, I will update.
    • Hilscher netX
      • The Hilscher netX family offers a wide range of chips with programmable communications controllers (xPIC or xC) and software for an extremely wide range of industrial protocols (fieldbus and Ethernet).
      • Hilscher also offers various types of modules using the netX
    • Innovasic's fido1100 real time MCU has protocol support for Ethernet PowerLink, EtherCAT, SERCOS, Profinet/Profinet IRT, Ethernet/IP, and Modbus/TCP.
      • Available in QFP-208 or BGA.
      • Uses Motorola 68000 instruction set
      • Has 4 UIC's (Universal I/O Controllers). Each one can handle Ethernet MAC, CAN, Profibus, digital I/O, etc. (At a glance, they appear similar to TI's PRU or Freescale/NXP's QUICC engine)
    • TI Sitara MPUs Many have 2 or 4 PRU-ICSS co-processors with support for a variety of industrial protocols including Ethernet PowerLink, EtherCAT, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, Profibus, and serial absolute encoders
      • TI AM3356 through AM3358 have 2 PRUs
      • TI AM437x have 4 PRUs
      • TI AM572x have 4 PRUs
      • TI is doing some interesting work, including automatic detection of industrial Ethernet protocols
    • Renesas
    • XMOS
    • Other possibilities:
      • Freescale MPUs with PowerQUICC co-processors(although I wouldn't recommend these for new designs)
  • EtherCAT device interface chips
    • Infineon XMC4800 is a family of Cortex-M4 microcontrollers with dedicated EtherCAT support.
    • Microchip LAN9252 is a reasonably priced, small (QFN-64) 2/3-port switch with dual 10/100Base-T PHYs and EtherCAT support.
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