FP-SMC-1 Interface PCB Project

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The file are here for subversion (Eagle PCB only) and here for WordPress (Eagle and Alibre).

Most of the details are in the blog posts. I created the PCB as an example custom automation PCB. The FP-SMC-1 connects 16 Panasonic FP0, FP0-R, or FP Sigma PLC outputs to the first 8 stations (both solenoids) of a SMC manifold base with a 26-pin flat ribbon cable connector, and 16 inputs to terminal blocks for limit sensors. The board provides input, power, and ground for each PLC input to make connecting sensors easy (and because I wanted to try out the Phoenix 3-level terminal blocks).

I haven't finished the series as I originally planned. Partly, I want to explore more PCB design tools. So sometime, after I finish some higher priority series, I might get back to this series.

If you need a SMC ribbon cable interface PCB, you should create a custom PCB that exactly meets your needs (but of course you're welcome to use the FP-SMC-1 as a starting point).

Panasonic pin outs are from the FP0 CPU Manual. Since the number of I/O matches perfectly with this board, I will use a FP0-C32T as an example. I haven't found a convenient SMC link; from what I've seen (I've looked at three different manifold base series) the SMC flat ribbon cables pin-outs are pretty consistent.

Panasonic PLC Pinouts - FP0-C32CT


1 X0 2 X1 1 X8 2 X9
3 X2 4 X3 3 XA 4 XB
5 X4 6 X5 5 XC 6 XD
7 X6 8 X7 7 XE 8 XF


1 Y0 2 Y1 1 Y8 2 Y9
3 Y2 4 Y3 3 YA 4 YB
5 Y4 6 Y5 5 YC 6 YD
7 Y6 8 Y7 7 YE 8 YF
9 (+)10(-)9 (+)10(-)

SMC 26-pin Flat Ribbon Cable Pinouts

1 1 A2 1 B
3 2 A4 2 B
5 3 A6 3 B
7 4 A8 4 B
9 5 A105 B
116 A126 B
137 A147 B
158 A168 B
179 A189 B
1910 A2010 B
2111 A2211 B
2312 A2412 B
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