Ethernet PowerLink Hardware and Software

Motion Controllers

  • Parker ACR The Parker ACR-9030 and ACR9040 support up to 16 Ethernet Power Link drives; the ACR9030 also supports up to 8 analog servo amps. Communication options include Ethernet (including Ethernet/IP protocol support), USB, and CANOpen for I/O. Pricing starts around $2000.

Servo Drives

  • B&R
  • Baldor


Useful Components

  • Processors with IEEE-1588 hardware support
  • Hubs or switches in hub mode
    • Most switches use store and forward, and thus introduce variable latency if EPL devices are daisy changed together
    • Need 100BaseT support (some hub chips are 10BaseT)
    • Hub chips are currently hard to find
      • The main one I found was the HBLXT9863 ($16.66 100u)
      • Other part numbers I looked at included the PMC Sierra PM8385-NI, BCM5012R, LXT970, LXT9863, LXT9880, TC6097P, IMR-100M, PM83850, HBLXT914, HBLXT9860, DP83850
      • SMSC's LAN931x series would be interesting if they supported a low latency "hub mode"
    • Micrel has some switches (3 port, with 16/32-bit or MII interface) that support a "hub mode"
      • For the KSZ8893 and KSZ8842, Micrel claims max latency of 310 nsec with ±40 nsec jitter port to port
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