Reliance Electric Electro-Craft E-3618-E-F00AN NEMA23 Brushless Servo Motor
The E-3618-E-F00AN is a single stack NEMA 23 brushless servo motor with a Renco 77822-073 encoder 4000 count encoder.

Electro-Craft E-Series Data Sheet

As noted below, I did manage to find the E-Series Datasheet. I have scanned and uploaded it; it's linked at the bottom of the page. The PDF contains information on:

  • The Electro-Craft BDC Mini-Series Amplifier (this data sheet includes torque curves for various amp/motor combinations)
  • E-3618 brushless servo motor
  • E-3622 brushless servo motor
  • E-3626 brushless servo motor
  • E-3629 brushless servo motor
  • E-3633 brushless servo motor

Motor Notes

The history of Electro-Craft has lots of twists, and I couldn't find an authoritative history. In 1980 Robbins & Myers bought Electro-Craft. They sold it in 1991, probably to Reliance Electric. Reliance Electric was bought by Rockwell Automation in 1994. I'm pretty sure the Electro-Craft brand went dormant for a while, with the E-series motor dropped, but not at first: I do have Rockwell Automation / Electro-Craft catalog with the E-3622 and E-3633, but not the E-3618.

The Electro-Craft brand is currently owned by Eastern Air Devices, which is now using the Electro-Craft name.

Renco was part of Electro-Craft from 1977 to 1991, when it was sold it its current owner, Heidenhain.

I could not find any datasheets on the E-3618 online, but searching in some dark, dusty, seldom visited places I was able to scrounge up a 1993 Reliance Electric / Electro-Craft catalog with the E-3618.

I have to say the E-3618 is a pretty wimpy motor.

I could not find a datasheet for the 77822-073, but I think it's similar to the Renco RM15; the wire colors match up pretty well.

Motor Specifications

Mechanical Specifications

Cont Stall Torque11.5oz-in
Peak Torque50oz-in
Max Cont. Operating Speed5000RPM
Motor Inertia0.0002oz-in-sec-sec

Winding Constants

Torque Constant5.9oz-in/A
Ke Voltage Constant4.4V/KRPM
Winding Resistance2.8Ohm
Winding Inductance2.9mH

Motor Connections


PhaseWire Color

Hall Sensor

The motor has three hall sensors built into its body.

PhaseWire Color


My standard is positive is when the motor, when viewed from the front, is turning clockwise. (My B+/B- connections are flipped when compared to the Renco RM15 wire colors).

SignalWire Color
+5VDC Red
A+ White
A- Yellow
B+ Blue
B- Green
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