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     1= CO-M12-RJ45 CANOpen Adapter = 
     3== Introduction == 
     4'''Purpose:''' converts a CANOpen DS303-1 M12 connector to two DS303-1 RJ45 connectors and provides optional connection to CAN_V+. 
     6Files are [ here for subversion (Eagle PCB files)] and [ here for WordPress (Eagle PCB files)] 
     8I have standardized on RJ45 connectors for my CANOpen equipment.  This adapter makes it possible to connect equipment using standard CANOpen M12 connectors such as the Festo CPV-10-GE-CO-8 to RJ45 CANOpen networks.  I provide a connection for CAN_V+ in case it's needed. 
     10== Design Notes == 
     11This design has one flaw: you cannot screw the PCB's M12 socket into the device's M12 jack, because the screw (shown at the far right in the picture) is not firmly connected to the connector; it needs a panel with the proper cutout or something else to retain it properly.  The board should work OK without it, but you will have to make sure it stays connected. 
     13I couldn't find any M12 right angle PCB mount sockets that were any better.  I can think of a few options: 
     14  1. Re-design the PCB to fit into a case, create the proper cutouts, etc. 
     15  1. Use a M12 cable (5-pin A-coded socket to flying leads) with a CO-TB-RJ45 adapter board. 
     16  1. Rig up some kind of hack to keep the screw in place on the connector. 
     17  1. Use as is, and be careful it doesn't fall off. 
     19The various signal lines are connected as follows: 
     20 * CAN_H is connected to J2A (first RJ45 jack), J2B (second RJ45) and J1 (5-pin terminal block header) 
     21 * CAN_L is connected to J2A, J2B, and J1 
     22 * CAN_GND is connected to J2A, J2B, J1, and TB1 (power input terminal block) 
     23 * CAN_SHIELD is connected to J2A, J2B, and J1 
     24 * J2 reserved pins are connected: J2A pin 4 is connected to J2B pin 4 and J2A pin 5 is connected to J2B pin 5 
     25 * TB1 CAN_V+ is always connected to J1 CAN_V+ 
     26 * TB1 CAN_V+ can be connected to J2A CAN_V+ and J2B CAN_V+ by using jumpers.  
     28== Normal Use == 
     29 * Verify your device has a standard CANOpen M12 connector before connecting J1 to your device's CANOpen connector.  Note that currently J1 cannot be screwed. 
     30 * Connect J2A and J2B to the rest of the CANOpen network using RJ45 cables 
     31 * If the CANOpen device needs power on CAN_V+, you have many options: 
     32   * Connect CAN_V+ power from TB1 to only this device: both jumpers are removed from JP1 
     33   * Connect CAN_V+ power from TB1 to this device and all devices connected to the left RJ45 jack: only left JP1 jumper is installed 
     34   * Connect CAN_V+ power from TB1 to this device and all devices connected to the right RJ45 jack: only right JP1 jumper is installed 
     35   * Connect CAN_V+ power from TB1 to entire RJ45 network: both JP1 jumpers are installed 
     36   * Break the link between CAN_V+ on the right RJ45 and the left RJ45: both jumpers are removed from JP1 
     37 * So JP1 provides a lot of flexibility in providing multiple CAN_V+ voltages to your network -- but, as always, be careful, since you don't want to provide, say, +24VDC CAN_V+ to a device designed for +12VDC. 
     39== Bill of Material == 
     40||'''Part'''||'''Vendor'''||'''Part Number'''||'''Quantity'''||'''Description'''|| 
     41||'''PCB'''||Your fab house|| ||1||  || 
     42||'''J1'''||Phoenix Contact||SACC-DSIV-M12FS-5CON-L 90 P/N 1694240||1||M12 5-pin socket A-coded|| 
     43||'''J2'''||TE/AMP||5557560-1||1||Dual RJ45 Jack RA|| 
     44||'''JP1'''||Molex||10‑89‑7042||0->1||Jumper block, 0.1", 2x2|| 
     45||'''TB1'''||Phoenix Contact||MSTBA 2,5/2-G-5,08 P/N 1757242||0->1||Terminal Block Header, 2 pos, 5.08mm|| 
     46|| ||Phoenix Contact||FKC 2,5/2-ST-5,08 P/N 1873058||0->1||Terminal Block Plug|| 
     47|| ||Molex||15-29-1025||0->2||Jumper, 0.1""|| 
     50 * Get the PCB made at your favorite PCB fab.  Some will take Eagle files; almost all take Gerbers.  I do not provide Gerbers because different PCB makers have different standards. 
     51 * If you do not need to provide external CAN_V+, you can skip JP1,TB1, the terminal block plug, and the jumpers. 
     52 * Terminal Block Plug: you can use any terminal block plugs that fits into the headers.  I used a spring clamp model (1873058). 
     53 * You can also used a fixed terminal block instead of the removable terminal block system I used for TB1.  Some 5.08mm fixed screw terminal blocks have compatible PCB footprints. 
     54 * Assembly should be easy - this PCB requires only standard through hole soldering techniques.