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     1= CMC (Cleveland Motion Controls, Torque Systems) T0604B9100 MDM-5000 Series BLDC Servo Motor = 
     4I've been interested in MDM5000 motors for a long time; when Excess Solutions had some for sale, I snapped up a couple. 
     6CMC is now part of ITT.  I believe Torque Systems was a division of CMC, but it looks ITT has changed all the motor branding from CMC to Torque Systems.  Anyway, the documentation for the [ MDM-5000 series] is at the Torque Systems website. 
     8The T0604B9100 is a quadruple stack 60mm metric mount servo motor.  I suspect it has a custom winding, since the second part ("B9100") of the part number isn't similar to any current standard part numbers.  The winding appears similar to the B3 winding. 
     10The encoder is a Torque Systems Datatorque 14414-805 with 8000 quadrature counts per revolution.  I can't find that part number, either, but it appears to be similar to the Datatorque HS15, with the same pin out. 
     12The motor is a high density motor, with a lot of torque for its size.  However, it seems to have substantial cogging torque; if you need a super-smooth motor, you're best off looking elsewhere. 
     14== Motor Specifications == 
     15=== Mechanical Specifications === 
     17||'''Poles'''||8|| || 
     18||'''Cont Stall Torque'''||214||oz-in|| 
     19||'''Peak Torque'''||992||oz-in|| 
     20||'''Rated Power'''||504||W|| 
     21||'''Max Speed'''||8000||RPM|| 
     22||'''Motor Inertia'''||0.00496||oz-in-sec-sec|| 
     23=== B3 Winding Constants === 
     25||'''Torque Constant'''||24.6||oz-in/A|| 
     26||'''Ke Voltage Constant'''||21.0||Vpeak/KRPM|| 
     27||'''Winding Resistance'''||0.99||Ohm|| 
     28||'''Winding Inductance'''||1.5||mH|| 
     30== Motor Connections == 
     32=== Power === 
     33||'''Phase'''||'''Wire Color'''|| 
     37||Case Ground||!Green/White|| 
     39=== Hall Sensor === 
     40The motor uses a commutating encoder; see below for commutation signals. 
     42=== Encoder === 
     44My standard is positive is when the motor, when viewed from the front, is turning clockwise. (My A+/A- connections are flipped when compared to the Datatorque HS15 wire colors).  
     45When possible, my commutation sensor order is chosen to work with an AMC BE15 analog servo amplifier. 
     47||'''Signal'''||'''Wire Color'''|| 
     49||+5VDC ||Red|| 
     50||A+    ||White|| 
     51||A-    ||Brown|| 
     52||B+    ||Blue|| 
     53||B-    ||Green|| 
     56||Hall U+||Purple (Violet)|| 
     57||Hall U-||Gray|| 
     58||Hall V+||!Orange/White|| 
     59||Hall V-||!Yellow/White|| 
     60||Hall W+||!Brown/White|| 
     61||Hall W-||!Red/White|| 
     62||Case Ground||!Black/White||