CANOpen Automation Hardware, Software, and Books

A list of CANOpen resources for factory and industrial automation.

The product list is really meant as a starting point - if I had unlimited time, I might do a table of all CANOpen factory automation products.

CANOpen Interfaces

  • With CANOpen support
    • Kvaser has a CANOpen Protocol Stack available at extra cost
    • Softing has a free CANOpen stack (LeanCANopen for Windows and Linux) and an extra cost CANOpen stack (CANOpen API) available for their CAN interfaces.
    • fullmo USB-CAN intreface is supported by fullmo's Kickdrive CANOpen setup and configuration software.
    • Using CANFestival - you should check the website for the current operating system and adapter matrix (not all adapters are supported under all OS's, and some drivers need an update). Adapters supported under Windows include:
      • Peak
      • Acacetus
      • Ixxat
      • Anagate
      • VScom
      • Kvaser (driver is broken, and needs to be fixed)
    • Datalink Engineering (formerly Hagströms) CANOpen Interface SDK libraries are dual licensed (GPL V3, commercial). Interfaces supported include:
      • Lawicel
      • Kvaser
      • Movimento Castor
      • EMS
      • Peak
  • With best CANOpen drive manufacturer support:
    • Kvaser and Ixxat seem to be supported by more manufacturers than anybody else -- but not by everyone. So check first if you want to use manufacturer software over CANOpen.
    • On many CANOpen drives, you setup the drive using a serial interface, so you don't have to pay for a manufacturer-supported CAN interface to perform setup.
  • CAN interfaces with no CANOpen support
    • Easy Sync
    • Embedded Micro Software
    • Zanthic Technologies
    • Intrepid Control Systems
    • Janz
    • Systec
    • National Instruments
    • Copley Controls
    • And I'm sure there are others
  • CANOpen Gateways

CANOpen Motion Controllers

CANOpen Motors (motor, stepper drive or servo amplifer, and CANOpen DS402 controller)

  • Animatics (note single power supply)
  • IMS
  • Dynetic?

CANOpen Servo Drives (servo amplifier and CANOpen DS402 controller)

CANOpen Stepper Drives (stepper drive and CANOpen DS402 controller)

CANOpen Input/Output

  • Phytec
  • Mueller
  • Beckhoff
  • Wago

CANOpen Encoder Interfaces

  • Hengstler -- Incremental and absolute encoders available with CANOpen and other interfaces.

CANOpen OEM building blocks

CANOpen Software

  • Datalink Engineering (formerly Hagströms) has C++ and C# CANOpen libraries for Lawicel, Kvaser, Movimento Castor, EMS, and Peak CAN interfaces. The libraries are dual licensed (GPL V3 for open source code, or, for commercial code, a €200 commercial license).
  • Kickdrive is software for CANOpen configuration and setup. Free and commercial licenses are available.
  • ESA
  • Copley
  • Ixxat?

CANOpen Books

CANOpen Information

  • CANOpen standard at CIA
  • CANOpen product list at CIA
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