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PCB Prototype Fab Houses

There are lots of PCB fabs out there, and many good ones, so I'll just list those I've used and those that have caught my eye.

Who I've Used

  • Sierra Proto Express The proto PCBs are made in the US. I've used Sierra at work for over 5 years without any problems, and for a personal 4-layer PCB.
  • Gold Phoenix Not much hand-holding, but a good place to get panelized (multi-design) PCBs (typically $140 for 155 square inches, 2 layer, 2-6 designs).

Of Interest To Me

  • Beta Layout
  • OSHPark US Made. For 2-layer boards, costs $5 per square inch, and you get 3 boards. For 4-layer, it's $10 per square inch for 3 boards.
  • Seeedstudio I find their web site confusing, but prices are competitive and they allow panelized designs for a reasonable fee.
  • Advanced Circuits
  • Screaming Circuits and partners
  • Olimex

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