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Load Cell Vendors

A selection of load cell and instrumentation vendors, based on my research.

I have used load cells from Futek, Sensotek (now part of Honeywell), and Omega.

Load Cells

Load Cell Instrumentation (Signal Conditioners and such)

  • Adlink The USB-2401 24-bit 4-channel DAQ features built-in signal conditioners for current output transducers, thermocouple, RTD, load cell, strain gauge, and others.
  • Dataq Several models have built-in slots for DI-5B or DI-8B signal conditioners; USB, Ethernet, and data logger interfaces available.
  • Data Translation Some models have built in signal conditioners for strain and bridge-based sensors.
  • Futek - Signal Conditioners (1KHz, 10KHz, and 25KHz available) and USB DAQ devices for load cells
  • HBM A variety of signal conditioners and DAQ systems
  • Hoffmann-Krippner (Inelta)) Signal conditioners and integrated load cells
  • Honeywell Inline signal conditioners and more
  • Interface Force A variety of signal conditioners and DAQ systems
  • LCM Systems A variety of signal conditioners and interfaces, including compact systems with RS485 or CAN output
  • Loadstar Sensors Load cell interfaces to analog and serial/USB.
  • mantracourt Analog signal conditions and DAQ devices for load cells with various interfaces such as Modbus, CAN, and USB.
  • Measurement Computing A wide variety of USB, Ethernet, and PCI/PCIe DAQ systems, including the USB-2404 4-channel 24-bit model with signal conditioners for voltage, temperature, or bridge-based sensors.
  • Omega A wide variety of signal conditioners (mostly low frequency) and DAQ systems.
  • PCB Piezotronics A variety of signal conditioners
  • Phidgets Very affordable Load Cell to USB, but not in the same class as the more expensive instruments
  • Stellar Technology DIN Rail and in-line analog signal conditioners
  • Strainsert Signal conditioners and load indicators
  • Transducer Techniques Signal conditioners and displays